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Do you struggle to remember names at networking events? Do you rely on notes when introducing a speaker or giving a presentation? Do you invest in conferences—and promptly forget what you learned? It’s not that you have a ‘bad memory.’ You simply haven’t learned the simple techniques that would allow you to improve your recall, enhance your relationships, and ultimately grow your business!

Ron White is one of the top authorities on memory in the world. He won the USA Memory Championship in 2009 and 2010, and his YouTube Channel, Brain Athlete Ron White, is number 1 among memory experts. Ron speaks to audiences of all sizes all over the world, from Singapore to Ireland to Zimbabwe. He has appeared on Good Morning America, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and the Dr. Oz Show, among many other media outlets.

Today, Ron joins me to explain how he became the two-time National Memory Champion, memorizing a deck of cards and a 167-digit number in record time! He describes the Afghanistan Memory Wall event in which he honors the 2,300 service men and women who died in the war and offers insight around the benefits of a good memory in improving your business and your life. Listen in for Ron’s advice on improving your recall and learn his system of visualization to quickly memorize a list of words!

Key Takeaways

How Ron became the two-time National Memory Champion

  • Compete in series of 7 events
  • Memorize deck of cards in 1:27
  • 167-digit number in 5 minutes

Ron’s Afghanistan Memory Wall event

  • Honors 2,300 who died in war
  • Write out rank, name from memory
  • 10-hour process

The benefits of a good memory

  • Impacts work, relationships
  • Improve business/life
  • Give speech without notes
  • Remember what read, learn

Ron’s advice around improving your memory

  • Focus = most important
  • Nutrition and exercise

Ron’s system for memorization

  • Think in pictures (visualize)
  • Store in place to retrieve later

Connect with Ron

Ron’s Free PDF

Ron’s Website

Ron on YouTube


Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing: The Blueprint to Quitting Your Job with Real Estate—Even Without Experience or Cash by Michael Blank

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When you know, you know.

Once Kyle Collins fell in love with multifamily as an asset class, he didn’t waste any time. In 9 months, he went from zero to 112 units and quit his job to pursue real estate investing full time.

Kyle is the Principal at Beechwood Holdings, a multifamily acquisition firm focused on stabilized, income-producing properties. Prior to founding Beechwood, he served as a sales rep for Martech Medical and the Director of Business Development for his family’s business, Five Rivers Conservation Group. Kyle earned a bachelor’s in finance from Georgia Southern and an MBA from Emory University.

Today, Kyle sits down with me to discuss his transition to full-time real estate investor, sharing the challenges he faced finding deals early on. He explains how to build a network of brokers and potential investors as well as what questions to ask to be taken seriously. Kyle also offers advice on leveraging an experienced property manager, raising capital and investing in your own deal. Listen in for insight around setting realistic expectations and learn how to divide your time among raising money, prospecting deals and running the operations of your portfolio!

Key Takeaways

Kyle’s background and education

  • Medical device sales
  • MBA from Emory
  • Raise capital for family business

Kyle’s transition to real estate

  • Familiar with network of potential investors
  • Experience with syndicated land transactions

The challenges Kyle faced early on

  • Finding deals, getting in front of brokers
  • Courage and trust in ability to underwrite

Kyle’s advice around building a network

  • Leverage personal network for introductions
  • Call brokers to look at deals

Kyle’s advice on being taken seriously

  • Educate self before pursuing leads
  • Build multifamily skill set (50+ deals)
  • Learn to speak the language

The questions to ask when you see a property

  • Realistic rent bump on planned renovations
  • Why rents lower than rest of market

How Kyle leveraged his property management firm

  • Brought on early in negotiations, underwriting
  • Objective opinion of realistic cost projections

Kyle’s guidance around raising capital

  • Ask potential investors to lunch, coffee
  • Explain what you’re doing but don’t push
  • Put in substantial amount of own money

The importance of being excited about a deal

  • Approach each deal with skeptical lens
  • Confident in pitch, personal investment
  • Under-promise and overdeliver

How to reconcile desire with prudence

  • Invest in own deal
  • Err on conservative side

Kyle’s first 112-unit deal

  • Broker introduced to off-market deal
  • Unnamed property, rents $150 below market
  • $3K per door on renovations
  • Already hit year-two rent assumptions

The value of a quality property manager

  • Help set realistic expectations
  • Handle renovations

What’s next for Kyle

  • Another deal by end of year (1K units by 2020)
  • Raise capital, prospect deals + run operations

Kyle’s insight on the level of effort necessary

  • Look at deals daily, practice underwriting
  • Network to meet brokers and investors
  • Put together marketing materials

Kyle’s top tips for aspiring multifamily investors

  • Need to believe in self through highs and lows
  • Do one thing each day to further your cause

Connect with Kyle

Beechwood Holdings


Kyle on LinkedIn



Syndicated Deal Analyzer

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing: The Blueprint to Quitting Your Job with Real Estate—Even Without Experience or Cash by Michael Blank

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