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Real estate investing conferences are one of the few places where there is no line to the women’s restroom. And while that may be a relief to the female entrepreneurs in attendance, it can also be very discouraging. Why are there so few women playing in the multifamily space? And what can we do to encourage more women to become entrepreneurs and investors?

Olenka Cullinan is the Business Coach behind #iStartFirst, a platform dedicated to inspiring women to achieve their full potential. Through her online bootcamps, #iStartFirst Bossbabes Summit and national speaking engagements, Olenka empowers women to up-level their mindset, overcome their fears and build successful careers.

On this episode, Olenka joins me to explain why there are so few female entrepreneurs and what she is doing about it through #iStartFirst. She speaks to the limiting beliefs many women share and describes how the female mind works differently when it comes to making deals. Listen in for Olenka’s insight around the power of mentorship to help you start or scale your business and learn why you don’t necessarily have to be in the limelight to be a leader!

Key Takeaways

Olenka’s entrepreneurial journey

  • Move to US from Russia at 21 with $450
  • Struck by lack of women in venture mentorship program

Olenka’s advice to her younger self

  • Get mentors early
  • Bring in people to share vision

The story behind #iStartFirst

  • Inspired to fix lack of women entrepreneurs
  • Listen to people serve for next iteration

Why there are so few female entrepreneurs

  • Women shy to make moves, hold back ideas
  • Socialized to supportive role as wife + mother

Olenka’s insight around building your brand

  • It’s about messenger, not message
  • Selfish NOT to share

The limiting beliefs many women share

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Feel like not enough

How women differ from men in making deals

  • Long-term commitment once decision made
  • ‘Everybody wins’ community mentality

The idea behind #iStartFirst

  • Can’t view men as financial plan
  • Must start saving ourselves

Olenka’s take on women in supporting roles

  • Don’t have to be in limelight to be leader
  • Affirmations lead to breakthrough

Olenka’s idea client

  • Women who want to start/scale business
  • Up-level mindset to grow in career

What women learn at Olenka’s bootcamp

  • ‘I can do anything’
  • Balance personal + professional life

Olenka’s concept of an Alpha Woman

  • Try to be like men
  • Get into drive zone, lose feminine side

Olenka’s advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs

  • Already have everything needed inside you
  • 90 seconds of fear will elevate to next level

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