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We’ve always said that multifamily is recession-proof, and 2020 gave us a chance to prove it. While the stock market and other asset classes suffered in the pandemic, apartment buildings continue to provide steady cashflow and a safe place to keep our money growing for the long term. So, what can syndicators do to get this message to more people and build a successful real estate investing business?

On this episode, I’m sharing the Best of 2020 on the Apartment Building Investing Podcast, beginning with last year’s biggest news—the Coronavirus pandemic. We revisit Drew Kniffin’s thoughts on the risk COVID poses for passive investors, Drew Whitson’s take on why multifamily is still the strongest asset class in real estate, and Russell Gray’s insight on how to protect your wealth in a crisis.

We look back at my conversations with Pat Flynn and Amy Porterfield on marketing to investors online and my interview with Gino Wickman around what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Listen in for master deal maker Garrett Lynch’s insight on choosing the right market and get inspired by BiggerPockets VP Brandon Turner’s approach to achieving BIG things with tiny action.

Key Takeaways

How COVID is likely to impact passive investors in multifamily

  • Unless already run poorly, virus won’t bankrupt property
  • Much better option than stock market (30% paper loss)

Why multifamily is still the strongest asset class in real estate

  • Performs well through economic disruption
  • Office buildings, retail and medical suffered in COVID

What makes real estate a solid investment (even in a crisis)

  • Fits criteria of being both REAL and ESSENTIAL
  • Governments support housing, energy and healthcare

What to look for in a multifamily real estate market

  • Resources available to operate and steady dealflow
  • Population, job and overall economic growth

Who should consider building a thought leadership platform

  • EVERYONE can build personal brand online
  • Place to announce, connect and prove authority

Why an email list is more valuable than social media followers

  • Algorithms change, you don’t own social platforms
  • Email list = YOUR asset for growing relationships

How to choose the right lead magnet for your audience

  • IRRESISTIBLE piece of free content (trade for email addy)
  • What avatar needs to believe to do business with you

The eight critical mistakes most entrepreneurs make

  1. Not having vision
  2. Hiring wrong people
  3. Not spending time with your people
  4. Not knowing who customer is
  5. Not charging enough
  6. Not staying true to your core (shiny object syndrome)
  7. Not knowing your numbers
  8. Not crystalizing roles and responsibilities

The eight disciplines for increasing your chances of success

  1. Clarify vision
  2. Decide if you’re ‘partner person’
  3. Bigger problem = more success
  4. Get feedback early and often
  5. First plan will not be final plan
  6. Work hard (really hard)
  7. Take criticism with grain of salt
  8. See it every night

The two kinds of ‘partner people’ in entrepreneurship

  1. Equal partners
  2. Give equity but maintain controlling interest

Why it’s crucial to have a clear vision for your business

  • Know where you want to be and take next tiny step
  • Ask what’s cool and write as if you’re already there

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The most successful real estate investors find creative ways to increase their NOI either by adding amenities for residents or reducing expenses. But there is a new opportunity for property owners that you may not be aware of. What if you could earn more money by leasing out a portion of your building for a 5G cell phone tower?

Hugh Odom is the Founder and President of Vertical Consultants, a telecom consulting firm that has advised major corporations such as Walmart, McDonald’s and Disney, as well as government institutions like the Department of Veterans Affairs, the New York Housing Authority and the United States Postal Service. Hugh served as an attorney for AT&T for 11-plus years, and today, he leverages his expertise in the telecom industry to help real estate investors earn additional income through cell tower leases.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Hugh joins cohost Garrett Lynch and I to explain why the cell tower industry is like oil 100 years ago, discussing what is driving the need for more cell towers and how lucrative a cell tower lease can be for investors. Hugh shares the do’s and don’ts of negotiating a cell tower lease, describing how it differs from a real estate transaction and what Hugh’s team does to help property owners with the process. Listen in to understand why cell tower investing is a safe bet for the long term and learn how YOU can take advantage of the opportunity to be a cell tower landlord!

Key Takeaways

Why the cell tower industry is like oil 100 years ago

  • Long-term agreements to lease land from property owners
  • Cell companies reach out if property in right location

What is driving the need for more cell towers

  • 5G technology requires additional infrastructure
  • Densification makes service faster, more instantaneous
  • From 400K to 1.5M cell sites by 2025

The do’s and don’ts of negotiating a cell tower lease

  • Don’t treat as real estate transaction (e.g.: market rate)
  • Do determine value provider will get from space

How lucrative a cell tower lease agreement can be for investors

  • Typically increases value of property by $1M
  • Renegotiate contract as provider’s revenue from site goes up

How Vertical Consultants helps property owners

  • Level playing field (understand value you’re offering)
  • Source leases for large commercial property owners

How to take advantage of this opportunity in cell towers

  • Buy properties with existing towers or rights to cell towers
  • Bring experts in to renegotiate lease

How 5G towers differ visually from traditional cell towers

  • Traditional tower = 150 feet tall, up to 5K ft2
  • Traditional rooftop antenna up to 500 ft2
  • 5G tower = 50 ft2 with small antenna box

The opportunity to become an operator of cell towers

  • Pay property owners in dead spots for right to lease
  • Buy for long-term cashflow or flip

Why cell tower investing is a safe bet for the long term

  • Similar to highway system (infrastructure, not technology)
  • Change out equipment as tech improves

Who Hugh serves through Vertical Consultants

  • Property owners with existing agreements
  • Owners who’ve been approached by cell company
  • Hotels, self-storage and shopping center developers

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So, you’ve done a multifamily deal or two, and your friends and family are maxed out in the money department. You’re ready to take on bigger and bigger deals, but you’re struggling to raise capital. What is the best way to grow your investor base?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone is a full-time practicing periodontist and the creator of Debt-Free Doctor, a platform designed to help doctors and other high-income professionals generate passive income from real estate so they can STOP trading time for money. Jeff started his blog to share how he paid off $300K in student loan debt. But once he was debt-free, Jeff shifted his focus to investing and acquiring streams of passive income through multifamily syndications. Today, he is raising millions in days for real estate deals.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Jeff joins cohost Patricia Sweeney and I to discuss how the Debt-Free Doctor has evolved, explaining how he creates content consistently and what he does to promote the platform and grow his investor base. Jeff walks us through the benefit of joining his Passive Investors Circle, describing how he gives doctors and other overworked professionals options for earning passive income. Listen in to understand how serving his audience inspires Jeff to keep going and learn how he raised $2.7M in five days for his latest multifamily deal!

Key Takeaways

What inspired Jeff’s interest in real estate investing

  • Wrist injury on ski trip inspired interest in passive income
  • Successful people had real estate, 3 to 9 income streams

Jeff’s first experience with real estate investing

  • Discovered crowdfunding with Realty Shares
  • Relied on website and lost $50K

How Jeff’s website has evolved over the years

  • Began as diary on getting out of student loan debt
  • Now educates high-income earners on real estate

How Jeff got into raising capital for real estate syndications

  • Sponsor reached out because of blog and podcasts
  • Started Passive Investor Circle (raised $2.7M for deal)

Who Jeff serves through Debt-Free Doctor

  • Doctors, other high-income earners (accredited investors)
  • Overworked professionals looking for options

What Jeff has done to grow his list

  • Site for physicians shared articles and boosted traffic
  • Capture addresses with Passive Investor Circle

The benefit of joining Jeff’s Passive Investor Circle

  • Free Passive Income Guide and series of emails
  • Learn about deals Jeff invests in, set up time to talk

How Jeff comes up with content ideas for his blog

  • Topics he reads/hears about online and on podcasts
  • Keyword research for subjects that will rank

How Jeff produces content consistently

  • Write between patients
  • Inspired by being able to serve, change lives

What’s next for Jeff and his real estate platform

  • Start podcast, speak at in-person events
  • Create own event or write book

Jeff’s advice for syndicators struggling to raise capital

  • Determine the ONE thing (grow investor base)
  • Delegate or don’t do anything that doesn’t do that

Jeff’s advice for aspiring platform builders

  • Invest in marketing platform, calculate ROI
  • Don’t reinvent wheel

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Affirmations are a powerful tool in reaching our goals. They remind us why we do what we do, what we plan to achieve and the kind of person we want to become along the way.

So, what does it look like to create an affirmation specific to real estate investing? An affirmation that will keep you on track all year long and make success inevitable?

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I discuss the value of using affirmations to achieve financial freedom through multifamily real estate. I walk you through the process of constructing an affirmation the right way, describing the activities you can commit to as an aspiring syndicator and challenging you focus on those activities (rather than the outcome). Listen in for insight on taking tiny action toward your goals every day and learn how to build an affirmation that guarantees your success as a real estate investor!

Key Takeaways

Why you should use affirmations to achieve your goals

  • Creates clarity
  • Establishes your WHY
  • Commit to activity

How to construct an affirmation the right way

  1. Commit to unwavering faith and extraordinary effort
  2. Articulate WHY you’re working toward that goal
  3. Set level of commitment with daily activities
  4. Speak out enlightened entitlement (worthy of miracles)

The two activities aspiring syndicators can commit to

  1. Analyzing deals
  2. Talk with potential investors

Why you can’t get emotionally attached to the results

  • Give up when don’t achieve in certain time frame
  • Outcome = inevitable if do activity long enough

The secret to success in real estate investing

  • Commit to activity
  • Take tiny action every day


Download Michael’s Affirmation for Multifamily Investors

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