Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing
At the age of 18, Alex Mandaro is the youngest mentoring student we’ve ever had at the Michael Blank organization. So, we’re doing a grand experiment and asking Alex to document his journey! 

In a reality-style series broadcast through our social media channels, Alex will share a behind-the-scenes look at the life and times of a new syndicator.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Alex joins me to explain what inspired his interest in multifamily and why he believes he’ll be successful.

He discusses why he used his college money to invest in mentoring, describing how he is getting the most out of our program and learning from the mistakes of others.

Listen in for insight on following Alex’s journey with us to find out if you really can be a successful syndicator without experience or cash of your own!

Key Takeaways 

What inspired Alex’s interest in real estate

  • Always wanted to have business, likes people
  • Read Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

What makes Alex believe he can be successful

  • Less baggage at age 18
  • Raised to believe he can do anything he wants

Why Alex chose real estate over college

  • Not sure what major he wanted to pursue
  • Can still meet new people and live on his own 

How Alex’s friends and family reacted to his decision

  • Other friends not going to college
  • Parents very supportive

The first steps Alex is taking to pursue multifamily

  • Devote time to learning and networking
  • Look for partner to ‘get bigger deal done faster’

Why Alex invested in our mentoring program

  • Wants someone to push him
  • Make fewer mistakes

Alex’s personal WHY statement

  • Lead others to freedom
  • Positively impact others

How Alex is getting the most out of mentorship

  • Plan next steps each week
  • Go into conversations with investors prepared

How Alex thinks about getting through bad days

  • Purpose keeps pushing forward
  • Consistency is what matters

Why Alex agreed to document his journey with us

  • Help teach and inspire others
  • Holds him accountable

Alex’s concerns with sharing his journey on social 

  • Pressure to do deal in certain time frame
  • Doesn’t want to let people down

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