Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

Imagine earning cash-on-cash returns as high as 50%! 

Inspired by sophisticated real estate investors in her network, Steffany Boldrini moved her money out of tech startups and into commercial properties three years ago.

And while she’s faced a lot of challenges along the way, Steffany reached financial freedom in less than two years.

So, what is Steffany’s approach to investing in real estate? And what does she do to earn such big-time returns?

Steffany moved from Brazil to Silicon Valley 20 years ago and enjoyed a successful career in tech sales before shifting her focus to commercial real estate. As Principal at Monte Carlo Real Estate Investments, she has built a portfolio across three asset classes, achieving 36% cash-on-cash returns. 

Steffany is also the host of Commercial Real Estate Investing from A-Z, a podcast about investing in retail, office, industrial and self-storage properties.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Steffany joins host Garrett Lynch to discuss her transition from angel investing to real estate, describing why she likes the risk profile of commercial properties over tech startups. 

Steffany shares her approach to building a commercial real estate portfolio, explaining the pros and cons of investing in car washes, self-storage and short-term rentals. 

Listen in to understand how Steffany leverages technology in her real estate business and get ideas for adding value to force appreciation—in any commercial asset class.

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