Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

When we started investing in multifamily, we relied on property managers to handle construction.

As the business grew, we hired GCs to run construction projects with little oversight on our part. And got very mixed results.

That’s when we realized that if we wanted to scale our multifamily portfolio, we needed an in-house team. But how do you build a construction arm for your real estate business?

Jorge Abreu is Cofounder and CEO of Elevate Commercial Investment Group, a multifamily firm based in Dallas, Texas, and Founder of JNT Construction, the in-house construction arm of Elevate CIG.

With 15 years of experience in real estate, Jorge has acquired a portfolio of nearly 7,000 units worth more than $500M.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Jorge explains why he started his own construction company and how JNT gives Elevate a competitive advantage.

Jorge walks us through the process he used to build an in-house construction business, describing what he looks for in a project manager and how he leverages software to hold the team accountable.

Listen in for Jorge’s insight on the importance of construction contracts and learn how an in-house construction team can help YOU scale your syndication business!

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